Transgrese, recese, nacionalismus a black metal : Případová studie kapely Peste Noire

Title in English Transgression, provocation, nationalism, and black metal : A case study of the band Peste Noire


Year of publication 2019
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description Since the times of the biggest controversies in the 90s, satanism became a more or less tolerated part of extreme metal image and culture, similarly to other topics such as misanthropy, sexual perversions, or violence. Black metal, often considered the most extreme metal genre, can still stir controversies. The so-called National Socialistic Black Metal (NSBM) is often thought to be too transgressive even for the metal subculture. Such bands' performances are often cancelled, and many bands are denied fans' support even if they are just suspected of association with the NSBM scene. This presentation is a case study of the band Peste Noire. This band has its idiosyncratic way of stirring various controversies ever since releasing their demo record called "Aryan Supremacy". Both fans and opposers of the band are not quite sure whether they play NSBM or not. The presentation will follow narratives which justify the band's NSBM themes as not being serious and narratives which demonize the band. Analysis of interviews with the band's frontman will conclude the presentation.
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