Nationalism Old and New : Australia, Europe, South Africa



Year of publication 2018
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description This issue of JEASA presents articles which develop and elaborate on the themes permeating the 2018 EASA conference in Barcelona. All of them respond, each in its own way, to the concerns about various forms of nationalism and nationalist discourse, both historical and contemporary, outlining potential ways of its backlash as well as demise. The authors draw on a variety of literary texts, fiction and non-fiction, to demonstrate in their detailed analyses that these debates are far from irrelevant today and that literature provides rewarding space to contemplate what shapes these debates take in poetic landscapes. They explore resonating themes such as settler belonging, cosmopolitanism, (forced) migration, displacement and, indeed, complexities and ambivalences of ‘post-nationalism’ as opposed to new waves of nationalism(s).
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