Pohansko u Břeclavi, Valy u Mikulčic. (Ne)viditelné stopy konfliktů

Title in English Archaeological sites Pohansko near Breclav, Valy near Mikulcice. (In) visible traces of conflicts


Year of publication 2019
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description During more than 60 years of systematic investigation, the Great Moravian power centres Mikulčice and Pohansko near Břeclav provided a huge amount of information about life and death of the early medieval population. However, the evidence of conflicts are identified, sometimes in an astonishing extent, somewhat retroactively thanks to a more detailed look at some unnoticed, even if uncovered finding situations, but mainly thanks to the new investigations made in recent years. Intensive development of cooperation with anthropology is of partial help as well. Archaeological image of violent disasters accompanying individual human destinies in the form of lethal wounds, same as increasing number of evidence about violent disasters of a more global character that can be seen in different kinds of finding situations, show a violent military attack on Gran Moravia´s centres that lead to their extinction. Despite the fact that it could have been carried out in a different way in each of the mentioned forts. The aim of the contribution is to use all available indicia to show precisely this image of the end of fame of two Gran Moravian fortified centres. Fundamentally important, but obviously fragile pillars, whose demolition probably caused a very quick decay of the whole political body, that was for the most of the 9th century a significant actor in Central Europe, so that it was in fact during several years, or decades as maximum, almost entirely forgotten.
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