Vorstellung der Promotionsschrift und Diskussion über das Kapitel „Medizin in Dramen von Lukas Bärfuss“

Title in English Presentation of the doctoral thesis and discussion about the chapter "Medicine in Dramas by Lukas Bärfuss"


Year of publication 2019
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The presentation deals with the constitution of the identity of medical figures, i.e. with their image building, which has a decisive influence on the doctor-patient relationship. The main focus is on linguistic secondary literature aimed at communicative aspects of conversations in medical practices. The linguistic laws in emotionally charged statements, for example, when delivering bad news, are the subject of consideration. The physician’s figures in the treated plays interact with patient‘s figures in a highly manipulative manner, which affects the ability to make decisions about one's health. It is, therefore, necessary to investigate how the balance of power is built up in this communication, what it feeds on, and what specific discursive characteristics it has.
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