Vzácná thangka Bardo thödol na Slovensku

Title in English Rare Bardo thödol Thangka in Slovakia


Year of publication 2019
Type Popularization text
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description Perhaps the best-known text of Tibetan Buddhism is the Tibetan Book of the Dead, whose popularity in the Euro-American environment began with its first edition in 1927. Walter Yelling Evans-Wenz, the translator together with Kazi Dawa Samdupa committed an almost brilliant marketing gimmick. Instead of the original Tibetan title Deep Doctrine of Spontaneous Deliverance through Contemplation of Peaceful and Angry Deities, or the name of the abridged Liberation in the Bardo through Listening - Bardo Thödol used the trendy name Tibetan Book of the Dead, a direct connotation with the bestseller of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The paper deals with one concrete visual representation of this text, it is a very complicated picture with a lot of characters that are rendered in great detail. It is the deed of the Fila family from 1996, when together with Martin Slobodník the book Tibet: Krajina, dějiny, l´udia, kultúra a Tibetská kniha mŕtvych v obrazoch. (Tibet: Landscape, History, People, Culture and Tibetan Book of the Dead in Pictures) was published. This is not only the first original Slovak monograph on Tibet (with great photographs of Vit Fila), but also the first publication of the thangka Bardo thödol or a similar text in Central Europe. The color reproductions of the whole, as well as the amount of detail, are almost fifty color reproductions of this 1280 x 810 mm roll-up thangka.

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