Morální aspekty v díle J. Verna

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Title in English Moral Aspects in the work of J. Verne


Year of publication 2019
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Morálka v kontexte storočí
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Faculty of Education

Keywords morality; fiction; philosophy; positivism; ethics
Description The paper will focus on the reflection of morality in the prose work of French writer J. Verne. Verne's work belongs to the golden collection of modern utopian literature. The optimistic view of the development of scientific research and the possibilities of his technological applications, J. Verne elaborated into a fictional form of an adventurous novel which, of course, can also serve as a certain essence of the pronounced positivistic philosophy (a typical example being the Mysterious Island). That is why relatively little attention is devoted to the issues of religion or politics in Verne's texts, and the moral plane is generally somewhat schematic (as is usual in adventure literature). The paper will therefore focus on two texts which are somewhat out of the question (Chancellor, P´tit Bonhomme). Here we find a very remarkable focus on the sphere of morality. In the first case, the subject of the author's interest is human action in a tense marginal situation, in the latter case it is a Dickensian social grasp.