Information behavior or learning behavior? Empirical experience with web analytics

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ČERNÝ Michal

Year of publication 2019
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
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Faculty of Arts

Description Research of the environment comes to the forefront of various scientific disciplines of information science, informatics, pedagogy, marketing etc. Thanks to the work of George Lakoff and Marc Johnson, however, the whole theme gets a deeper and more significant framework - the environment is something that affects the whole thought structure of an individual, changing the structure of knowledge, base categories, but also the way of information and cognitive behavior. With the advent and development of online courses, this topic becomes even more interesting in that it can be interestingly measured and analyzed. Our research does not focus on data from learning management systems, which are detailed but basically very artificial, but from common web pages, which they compose as textbooks. Our research seeks to be as close as possible to the "natural environment". In the research of students' learning behavior in online courses, we work with a large amount of data that is not usually easily interpreted - time spent on the site, number of visits, page navigation, site interaction, work with heatmaps, etc. All this data is obtained through Google Analytics and Smartlook (a system similar to Hotjar). In addition, we are able to interpret data based on test results, ROPOTs and other feedback sources. Our research thus combines information behavior analysis and web analytics as a domain connected with information science and the possibility of analysis of study behavior, which is a topic of fundamental pedagogy, in a relatively unique way. It turns out that the combination of these two disciplines can have interesting impacts both on primary research (ie creating models of how online courses are studied at all and what is the impact of environment, content or design on the educational process), or in the field of direct implementation in the field of information architecture change, course content, etc.
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