Základy logiky přesvědčení

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Title in English Foundations of the Logic of Belief


Year of publication 2019
Type Monograph
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The book brings a new and extensively elaborated approach to belief attitudes (knowing, belief etc.) It provides an efficient revision of Tichý's system of hyperintensional analysis of natural language meanings that wa initiated by the author's olaborator Kuchyňka. This Transparent hyperintensional logic (THL) is an actual contributio to type-theoretic semantics. The book also offer a thorough reexposition of Tichý's partial type theory and its deduction system. Application of these systems allows to succesfully avoid Frege's paradox of identity, Cresswell's paradox of hyperintensional contexts, Hintikka's paradox of omniscience and various epsitemic paradoxes and related semantic paradoxes.
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