Okultní obrat v black metalu: Temná spiritualita a resakralizace v extrémním metalu

Title in English Occult Turn in Black Metal: Dark Spirituality and Resacralization in Extreme Metal

VRZAL Miroslav

Year of publication 2020
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Dingir : časopis o současné náboženské scéně
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Keywords black metal; occult turn; dark spiritiaulity
Description The article deals with the occult turn in black metal in relation to an inclination of part of black metal scene towards dark spirituality. As Kennet Granholm points out, since the beginning of the new millennium there arose a spiritually inclined black metal subscene with a serious interest in occultism. Its spiritual interests were directly mirrored in its approach to black metal music and also live performances which were done as real rituals – Granholm uses the term “ritual black metal” for this kind of bands. Currently, black metal subscene characterized by dark spirituality is still on the rise, especially in the underground and orthodox part of black metal. As the text shows, such occult turn also represents the search for authenticity and orthodoxy in black metal. It is also possible to observe such occult turn in black metal in the Czech Republic as can be demonstrated on the example of Czech black metal bands such as Inferno or Cult of Fire.