Music that connects


KALNÁ Svatava HAŠKOVÁ Barbora

Year of publication 2020
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference EDULEARN20 Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Web EDULEARN20 Proceedings
Keywords Lifelong learning; international cooperation; innovative forms of education
Description Masaryk University (MU) perceives the development of lifelong learning (LLL) as very beneficial. It is aware of the importance of further development of LLL, not only on a national scale. Therefore, it maximally supports efforts to establish and maintain cooperation with foreign partners. One of MU's foreign partners is the Danube University in Krems (DUK), which is focused on adult education. Following activities of a recently completed project of MU and DUK, the question of the possibility of further cooperation arose. Thanks to the Lifelong Learning Without Borders project, MU representatives had the opportunity to visit the Center for Applied Music Research at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies of DUK, and the Göttweig Abbey. The opportunity to see music archival materials that are not commonly available led MU and DUK academics to collaborate on a project that would focus on music culture relationships in Austria and the Czech lands in the 18th to 20th centuries. The aim is to increase awareness of the richness of cultural history of both, in the history so closely connected nations, in the field of music. Several meetings of experts from both universities followed, and the result is a series of activities aimed at presenting the interdependence of the two nations from a slightly different perspective. Implementation of the planned activities will be preceded by research activities of experts, which will include the study of archive sources, musical works forming a common cultural background; analysis and evaluation of compositional qualities in comparison with contemporary standards; preparation of musical notation; arrangement of the repertoire and interpretation of selected compositions at concerts in Kremz, Telč and Brno. The concerts will include a cross-section of works by composers of the 18th to 20th centuries who left for Austria, the so-called Czech music emigration, as well as composers from Austria who are closely tied to Bohemia. Based on the joint research activities of the music science experts, addressed Czech and Austrian performers will mediate selected compositions to participants of the concerts. Students from both countries will have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge or to extend their existing knowledge in this area at planned lectures to be held in Krems and Brno. The lectures will be held in Czech and German. The lectures will include Czech-Austrian musical relations in a historical overview, personalities and works of composers from the 18th to 20th centuries, including presentation of examples of works that shaped, and still shape the common cultural background of both nations. Preparation and subsequent presentation will be carried out in cooperation of music science experts of both partners. Participants will receive supporting materials for presentations in the form of a bilingual brochure, the creation of which requires close cooperation of music science experts of both partners. Participation in project activities is intended for all interested persons from Austria and the Czech Republic, professionals and general public. Before the end of the project, a meeting of project partners will take place in Brno, where all project activities will be evaluated. The expected outcome of the project is to increase awareness of the richness of common cultural history of both nations in an interesting way, and to actively strengthen the language competence of all participants.
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