Recepce Deníku spisovatele v českém a slovenském prostředí

Title in English Reception the Diary of a Writer in Czech and Slovak Environment


Year of publication 2020
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description In the paper I will deal with the reception of F. M. Dostoevsky's Diary of a Writer in the Czech and Slovak environment. Dostoevsky impressed the Czech environment with his personality and work to such an extent that he is considered a traditional Czech theme (I. Pospíšil). On the other hand, in Slovakia the ideal conditions for the reception of Dostoevsky's work were not created, the writer's work, however, found its way to Slovak readers and literary critics with a slight delay, but in the end it did. In this paper, I will return to the reflection of the current research of the reception of Dostoevsky's work and to the stages and milestones of the reception, which are defined by Czech and Slovak literary critics. The aim of the paper will be to define what conditions were formed for the reception of the work Diary of a Writer in the Czech and Slovak environment, I will try to create periodization and define the most important milestones in the acceptance of this work in our country. I will also focus on translations of the work Diary of a Writer in Czech and Slovak environment. I will be interested not only in the translations of the Diary as a whole, but also in thematic selections based on genre and magazine editions of partial parts (short stories, articles) from the Diary. I will try to answer the question whether this is a complete translation of the Diary, or whether the text has been shortened or intervened by censorship. In connection with thematic selections from the Diary, I will also be interested in information about the translator, who compiled the researched thematic selections, and if the publication was based on a selection that was previously published in Russia.
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