Osobnostní prediktory generativity v rámci Cloningerova modelu temperamentu a charakteru : rys sebepřesažení predikuje generativní jednání

Title in English Personality predictors of generativity within Cloninger's model of temperament and character : self-transcendence predicts generative action


Year of publication 2020
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Československá psychologie
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Web http://cspsych.psu.cas.cz/result.php?id=1121
Keywords generativity; Cloninger's model of personality; prediction; longitudinal study
Description Objectives. The research of personality correlates and predictors of generativity is largely based on five-factor model of personality. Less attention is paid to other personality models. One of another suitable models is Cloninger's model of personality, which distinguishes temperament and character traits of personality. Sample and setting. Two aspects of generativity, concern (Loyola Generativity Scale) and action (Generative Behavior Checklist), were predicted in a group of middle-aged people (N = 83, 58% women, mean age 53 years) based on personality traits ten years earlier. Hypotheses. Authors assumed that generative concern and generative action would be predicted by the traits of harm avoidance, novelty seeking, and self-transcendence. Statistical analysis. Data was analyzed using the correlation and regression analysis with the use of bootstrapping. Results. Generative concern and generative action can be predicted on the basis of personality traits, but in the case of generative concern, none of the predictors showed a separate statistically significant effect. A significant predictor of generative action was the dimension of self-transcendence. The self-transcendence, defined as the concept of own participation in the world as a whole, is not included within the five-factor model, and the results thus suitably complement the existing knowledge of personality factors of generativity. Study limitation. The study has two limitations: first, the research was performed with a relatively small sample size, and second, both generativity and personality traits were assessed only once during the longitudinal study, at different age levels.

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