The closer look at the Church of the Goths in Constantinople



Year of publication 2020
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
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Faculty of Arts

Description The Capital city of Late Roman Empire as political center and wealth place naturally drew a lot of different nationalities and people of the then known world. The Goths, due to the development of the political relations with Empire in second half of the 4th century, represented one of the greatest group among these gentes at the Constantinople. Most of them were Christians, who took the active role in the development of the life of the Constantinoplitan church. However, our sources reflect that there were two or three groups of Constantinopolitan Christian Goths. Probably minor group of the orthodox Goths, and the larger part of the arian Goths, who for some time split themselves between followers of the Dorotheus and Marinus. When did these groups or “churches” of Goths first appear in Constantinople? How did they develop and impact imperial politics and relations between barbarians and Romans in Constantinople? How were the interactions especially between arian Goths and the representatives of the orthodox church and How were their relations with other groups of Goths in Empire? This paper is trying to answer these questions.
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