Epitafy a sepukrálie raného novověku. Vizuálně-textová média a sociální prostor jejich komunikace

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Title in English Epitataphs and funeral monuments in the Early New Age. Visual and textual media and social of space of their communication


Year of publication 2020
Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Arts

Description The mentioned sepulchral, resp. Epitaph monuments presented very frequented artistic, in fact rather comemorative genre of the early modern period, which nevertheless has its roots in the late Middle Ages. Despite the numerous occurrences of this visual medium, however, as with any image, we must always and again pause over its unnaturalness. These monuments continue to bear witness to how images and culture are intertwined, just as they are based on the coexistence of text and image components. However, the primary function of these memorial artifacts was to meditate on the memory of the deceased, their lives and virtues, and to use this reminder to make a useful, meaningful reflection on one's own life. Epitaph and other sepulchral monuments can thus be described as distinctive imagines agents, reminiscent of a key principle of ancient rhetorical mnemonics, which was based on the power of images and their ability to revive and stimulate memory.
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