Výsledky vědy hledají cestu do výuky sociálních věd na ZŠ a SŠ aneb pohled z „druhé strany“ na zkušenost s tvorbou modelových lekcí


This publication doesn't include Faculty of Arts. It includes Faculty of Social Studies. Official publication website can be found on muni.cz.

Title in English Science results find their way into social studies teaching in primary and secondary schools: A view from the "other side" at the experience of creating model lectures


Year of publication 2021
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Social Studies

Description In this paper, we will share our experience of "translating" the results of sociological research into applied outputs such as pilot (model) lectures for schools. Model lectures are one of the recognized outputs of applied research, which is considered an important bridge to the social relevance of scientific activities. While in some disciplines possible applications are relatively easy to find, in the social sciences not all options are so straightforward. In several empirical projects we are trying to develop materials and approaches that meet the needs of students and teachers, while correctly transferring the knowledge. This presentation is supported by the international project GENPATH: GENdered PATHways of Social exclusion in later life, and its consequences for health and wellbeing (TAČR Zéta TJ0300002).
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