Hovd aimgiin Mönhhairhan sumiin „Ovor“ Bayandelegiin tuhai aman tüüh, aman ulamjlal hiigeed 1944-1990 onii hoorondoh Altain Urianhaičuudiin šašin šütlegiin baidal

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Title in English Oral history and oral tradition of “Ovor” Bayandeleg from Mönkhkhairkhan sum of Khovd aimag and the religious practice among Altai Uriankhais between 1944–1990

SRBA Ondřej

Year of publication 2021
Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Arts

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Description S. Bayandeleg (1891–1967), who lived in mountain range of Mönhhairhan, became an important and frequently mentioned personality in the oral history and oral tradition of Mönhhairhan sum (Hovd aimag) and Bulgan sum (Bayan-Ölgii aimag), although he was almost unnoticed by archival records and published monographs by local historians. The local community refers to him by various descriptions – lama, exorcist (Tibetan gcod pa), sage etc., but his real life remains unclear and already 50 decades since his decease acquiring a mythicised form. This article will compare oral reports on this person from the local oral tradition and oral history of Mönhhairhan and Bulgan sums. This article presents results of a new decade of research on this personality since my first article on S. Bayandeleg published in 2011.
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