Empires culturels et littéraires ou le bon usage de la périphérie

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Title in English Cultural and Literary Empires or the Good Use of the Periphery


Year of publication 2022
Type Chapter of a book
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Faculty of Arts

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Description Most theories (Pascale Casanova, Franco Moretti, Gisele Sapiro, Pierre Bourdieu) lean towards a central view. The periphery, if it is considered at all, usually appears as an extension or space of transformation of central phenomena. However, the last three decades have shown how enriching an inverted view can be. This is exemplified by the ideas of Édouard Glissant, Néstor García Canclini, Edouard Lourenço, Ana Mafalda Leite and Michel Biron. Following their example, we try to reverse the perspective and give priority to the specificities of the periphery. The issue is divided into four points. The aim of the argument is to evaluate the specificities of the periphery. First, the identifying features of the center and the periphery, or the way they are recognized, must be emphasized, and only in the second part the ontological features, in particular the perception of space and time, are dealt with. The third section is devoted to the axiological features and structuring of the literary and cultural field. The fourth section deals with processes of deperipheralization and the dynamics of the relationship between center and periphery, using Quebec literature as an example.
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