Tradice – proměny – identita Lidový oděv a tanec na Valašsku jako zdroje inspirace

Title in English Traditions – Transformations – Identity: Folk Costume and Dance in Wallachia as Sources of Inspiration


Year of publication 2021
Type Monograph
Description The book by ethnologist Eva Kuminková is a contribution to the field and transdisciplinary discussions on the nature of traditional changes folk culture. It focuses on the processes that belong to the known difficulties, historical reversals, political changes, cultural and the social rebirth of various manifestations of traditional folk culture to reach the threshold of the third millennium. For example male dance rehearsal in Wallachia and folk clothing in Rožnov region pays attention to the changes they have undergone since the end of the 19th century. The author tries to verify the meaning of the costume and the dress in the formation of local and regional identity, the role of bearers traditions, institutions, and persons who have contributed and included in the knowledge as well as the further preservation and transmission of these cultural components heritage.
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