Voprosy novoj ètiki v romane Linor Goralik "Vse sposobnyje dyšat’ dychanije"

Title in English The New Ethics Problem in the novel by Linoe Goralik "All Able to Breathe Breath"


Year of publication 2021
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Revitalizace hodnot: umění a literatura V
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Keywords New Ethics; empathy; tolerance; postapokalypse; discrimination; cultural paradigms; Linor Goralik.
Description In the last decade, the principles of new ethics has penetrated ever deeper into the everyday life of a society, steadily changing the mechanisms of its functioning. Empathy, tolerance and non-admission of any kind of discrimination are becoming one of the most important ideas of the new ethics. It is the question of empathy, its boundaries and limits that becomes the central theme of one of the last novels by Linor Goralik ("All those who can breathe breath.") The ability for mutual respect, acceptance of otherness, readiness for dialogue and helpfullness is tested in the most tense and extreme circumstances. The article discusses the topic whether it is possible to have thesame measure of empathy for all "breathing breath” creatures-for all living beings, whether it is possible to exploit and kill a creature with an ability to speak without experiencing cognitive dissonance. In addition, it becomes an important question whether the "eternal" common Christian values are that far from the newest principles of the new ethics.
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