Tajemství úspěchu. Německojazyčná knižnice Album nakladatele Ignáce Leopolda Kobra v širších literárních souvislostech

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Title in English The Secret of Success. German-Language Book Series Album by Publisher Ignác Leopold Kober in Broader Literary Contexts


Year of publication 2022
Type Monograph
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Faculty of Arts

Description The German-language book series Album-Bibliothek der Originalromane der beliebtesten deutschen Schriftsteller (1846—1861, Album-Library of Original Novels by Most Popular German Authors) which was published by I. L. Kober was a longseller on the Central European book market: it offered original German-language novels of a conventional nature and competed with the translations of popular foreign-language works that flooded the book market at that time. In the Bohemian lands, Kober’s Album prompted the creation of a similar series of novels — Bibliotéka původních románů historických i novověkých [Library of Original Novels on History and Present] by publisher Kateřina Jeřábková, a well-known Prague publisher and editor of the Lumír magazine. In the present monograph, the author examines the appeal the genre composition of Kober’s book series exerted on readers in comparison with contemporary Czech fiction, using the example of the genre of “real-life sketches” (obrázky ze života, Lebensbilder) as a specific genre that became an intersection of various forms of literariness between the discursive impulses of literary romanticism, Biedermeier and realism. Drawing on the methodological underpinnings of reception aesthetics and synoptic-pulsation theory, the monograph presents publishing and literary activities in the 1850s as a multilayered, internally diverse network of intercultural and intertextual connections, of which multilingualism was a natural part.
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