Autour de l’enseignement de la dia-variation en FLE universitaire. Le cas de la constitution d’un dictionnaire thématique à partir du corpus de rap francophone RapCor

Title in English Around the teaching of dia-variation in university FLE. The case of the constitution of a thematic dictionary from the corpus of French rap RapCor

PODHORNÁ-POLICKÁ Alena CANAL Laurent Georges FIÉVET Anne-Caroline EVREINOFF Adelaide

Year of publication 2021
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Revue d'études françaises
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Keywords sociolexicology; rap; corpus linguistics
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Description Since 2006, texts of rap songs have been used in seminars of sociolexicology and translation at the Institute of Romance Languages and Literatures of Masaryk University, in order to teach dia-variation in authentic, current and attractive contexts for students. In parallel to these annual seminars, which aim at a qualitative approach, a linguistic corpus, the RapCor, has been built from the texts available on the booklets of French-speaking hip-hop artists, since 2009, aiming then at a rather quantitative approach. Since 2018, this corpus is available online, as an open-source linguistic corpus throughout the query platform Sketch Engine (actual size from October 2021 is 1292 songs, i.e. 769k of tokens). In this article, we explain the phases of interaction between professors and students for the elaboration of a specialized dictionary serving to train existing lemmatizers for French by improving the annotation of substandard items. We focus on two different levels: on the one hand, the teaching of dia-variation to students of French as a foreign language and, on the other hand, the debates on the categorization of the substandard lexicon identified by the students within the laboratory bringing together researchers and PhD students, specialists in sociolects and/or in intercultural sociodidactics. Some examples from the categories of proper names, polysemic verbs and loanwords will be presented in more detail.

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