«E tu elegante alunno del Pussino». Gli “Inni alle Grazie” di Ugo Foscolo e i rapporti con la pittura di primo Ottocento

Title in English «E tu elegante alunno del Pussino». Ugo Foscolo's Inni alle Grazie and the Art of Painting at the Beginning of 19th Century

VAGATA Daniela Shalom

Year of publication 2022
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description Both Eugenio Borgno and Ugo Foscolo have defined Inni alle Grazie as a poem about the arts. This not only because Foscolo’s Inni alle Grazie is about Antonio Canova’s sculptures and the art of English gardens, but also because it pertains landscape painting. Through the analysis of mentions to François-Xavier Fabre in some drafts of Silvani, and of references in Foscolo’s epistolary and introductory letters to his translations of Iliad to his direct knowing of paintings and decorations, my paper investigates the presence of figurative arts in Inni alle Grazie.
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