Slavic accents in English

Title in English Slavic accented English(es)


Year of publication 2022
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Faculty of Arts

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Description Non-native accents of English have become a highly researched area of phonetics, phonology, and sociolinguistics with the rise of English as a well-established international language with non-native speakers constituting the majority of all English speakers in the world. Even though Slavic accented English has received a certain amount of attention (Waniek-Klimczak, Rojczyk, Porzuczek, 2015; Cichosz, Waniek-Klimczak 2016;) it is still far behind the level of study of other non-native varieties (Lowenberg 1986, Svartvik, Leech, Crystal 2016).This study was aimed at examining Slavic accented English from a new perspective i.e., is there a single Slavic accent of English,as it is sometimes presented in pop-culture? If not, then how many of them there are and how can we classify them?For this research voice samples from a total of 96 native speakers from six Slavic languages were gathered, analysed, and classified. In this presentation I would like to share the results: show the isoglosses, talk about the phonetic details that constitute individual accents (groups) and present peculiar sociolinguistic findings about the respondents’ attitudes towards accentin English.
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