‘MGTOW is not a movement’ : Anti-Feminist Victimhood Narratives in American, French, and Italian Virtual Spaces


CAMPÉ Sid Roger H.

Year of publication 2022
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The preceding years have revealed the extent and reach of the virtual anti-feminist space known as the Manosphere. There has been much academic and journalistic focus on the most extreme branch of this pace, the Involuntary Celibates or Incel group. Riberio et. al’s (2021) important study demonstrated the increasing virulence of Incel and Manosphere speech, linked to ongoing migration trends as various groups are banned or blocked from mainstream social media and forum latforms. Included within this study is the less openly visible but no less extreme group known as Men Going Their Own Way or MGTOW. Linked in the physical world to violent actions in Germany and the U.S, the reach of its ideology and perspective continues to spread beyond the American contextthat it developed in. This paper will explore the links between the first, primary MGTOW platform (r/MGTOW on online social forum site Reddit.com), firmly anchored in an American Anglophone context, and its affiliate branches in France and Italy, focusingon how each individual affiliate defines itself in relation to its cultural context. These different definitions will be examined through an oppositional consciousness (Manesbridge & Morris, 2001) in order toidentify the perceived indignities and harms of members in the various groups that contribute to the cohesive collaborative ideological narrativization of men and their position within society –a narrativization that relies upon a shared philosophy, perpetrated through specific terminology that emphasizes an evolutionary biological weltanschaaung on society, individual relationships, economic dynamics, and judicial structures
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