Globalizace v literatuře? : Centra a periferie v románských literaturách Amerik a Afriky

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Title in English Globalization in Literature? : Centres and Peripheries in the Romance Language Literatures of the Americas


Year of publication 2023
Type Monograph
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Faculty of Arts

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Description This is the Czech version of the English-edited monograph. Compared to the English version, the Czech version is considerably enlarged (140 pages). A special section is devoted to the centre-periphery issues in Czech literature in relation to world literature, as well as the reception of American and African literatures in the Czech literary context. There is also a special chapter on the relationship between Brazilian and Hispanic literature. The Czech version treats the basic theoretical issues in the same way as the English version: How can we recognize what is center and periphery? What are their ontological and axiological features? How do the axiological saturation or non-saturation of a literary field condition the aesthetics? How did these factors transform center-periphery relationships to the former metropolises in Romance literatures of the Americas and Africa? What are aesthetic consequences of deperipheralization processes? In what differ axiological configurations of the respective areas? Theoretical sections and case studies lead to consider the limits of globalization and the dynamics of intercultural relations, showing the aesthetic contribution of former peripheries and their influence on the transformation of European centralities.
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