Víno jako součást tradiční kultury

Title in English Wine as a part of traditional culture


Year of publication 2024
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Terra Vineatica II. Kultura vinohradnictví a vína ve středoevropském prostoru
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Keywords winemaking; tradition; history; folklor; ethnology
Description The roots of winemaking in Moravia go deep into the past. During the cultivation of the vine as acultural crop, it became intertwined with the folk environment and wine became an integral part of everyday life in the Moravian countryside. The vine is therefore intrinsically linked to the Moravian region both historically and culturally. This is evidenced by the centuries-old complexes of picturesque wine cellars that contribute to the cultural landscape of Moravia, wine is part of traditional festivals, and the vine motif can also be found on folk clothing, municipal signs and architecture. The need to cultivate vines, which is deeply rooted in local identity, is the living proof of this, with vineyards still being inherited or new ones being built. The combination of ceremonial rituals, festivals, the church and traditional agriculture has thus given rise to a very special c way of vine cultivation and wine production, which is still partially preserved to this day. Connecting originally several magical practices with the practices of the church then give the opportunity to stand out so distinctive phenomenon of traditional winemaking in Moravia. Although traditional agriculture suffered damage during the 40 years of the socialist regime, which farmers are still coping with almost 30 years after the fall of the regime, viticulture is the sector that has partly retained its traditional form. In the same way that technological progress in wine production is being embraced, the folkloric expressions (whether artistic, verbal, musical or dramatic) associated with wine are undergoing acertain change. In my contribution Iwould like to outline the traditional form of winemaking in Moravia in relation to traditional ceremonies, but also to everyday life, where winemaking is also very prominent.
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