Využití kombinace přírodovědných analýz a experimentu při hodnocení otisků prstů na neolitické keramice z Těšetic-Kyjovic

Title in English Application of the combination of science analyses and experiments for the evaluation of neolitic ceramics fingerprints from the site Těšetice-kyjovice (Lengyel culture)

HLOŽEK Martin KRÁLÍK Miroslav

Year of publication 2005
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Experimentálna archeológia a popularizácia výsledkov archeologického bádania v múzejnej a školskej praxi
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Field Archaeology, anthropology, ethnology
Keywords Lengyel culture; fingerprints; archeology; paleodermatoglyphics.
Description Within the interdisciplinary cooperation at the research of the neolitic fingerprints on the Neolitic ceramics from the site Těšetice Kyjovice, we have made the attempts to interconnect the methods of paleodermatoglyphics, micropetrographics analyses and experimental verifying of the obtained results. Based on the examination of the relics of papillary lines it was assumed that these were fingerprints of children. The above mentioned methods were methodically applied to investigate the original Neolitic vessels. Afterwards, imitations of these products from the contemporary primeval ceramic workshop were investigated in the same way. The finger balls and also epidermal ridge breadths on the ogilinals show that these are not fingerprints of adult people but of children. Considering the fact that the most of the fingerprints represent a direct record of formation of the vessels, we came to a conclusion that the fingerprints must come from the authors of these artifacts in these two cases. This study helped to specify the biological and technical affects, which can be crucial for the evaluation of the Neolitic ceramics fingerprints, especially for the evaluation of the characteristics of comparative sets. The results can be applied in the study on the fingerprints found on other ceramics from this site and they give an example of another application of experiments in archeology and anthropology.
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