Hradisko (Burgstall) u Mušova ve světle výzkumů v letech 1994-2007.

Title in English Hradisko (Burgstall) at Mušov in the Light of Results of Excavations in 1994-2007


Year of publication 2008
Type Chapter of a book
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The essay analyses archaeological structures founded at locality Hradisko at Mušov. Detailed analysis of the fortification and internal buildings and their comparison with parallels from the territory of roman provinces are accompanied with summary of historical and archaeological evidence of the dating of these objects. Testimonies of the objects of the internal buildings at Mušov, but also the fortification and the collection of finds show that the Roman installation occurring here has been the most important in the barbaricum at the time of the Marcomannic wars. It was not conceived as a classical camp for the accommodation of large military units. This praesidium has provided a sufficiently protected space for, inter alia, all the craftsmen activities required, for the storage and distribution of supplies, for the coordination of the troops operating in the broad surroundings and for the accommodation of high-ranking visitors.

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