Analytische Theorien der Metapher. Untersuchungen zum Konzept der metaphorischen Bedeutung

Title in English Analytical Theories of Metaphor. Inquiries of the Concept of Metaphorical Meaning


Year of publication 2010
Type Monograph
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description This thesis investigates the concept of the metaphorical meaning originating in analytical philosophy. Also, in the Introduction are considered older theories of the metaphor, which can be seen from the perspective of the metaphorical meaning. All these accounts are based on a definition that in the metaphor is something seen as something else. Therefore, all our understanding of the metaphor issues from a visual perception. But that's a metaphor, too. Chapter I. examines the question, how to detect metaphors in language. It is concluded that metaphors must be accepted instead of detected. The chapter II. aims at introducing and criticizing the two nowadays prominent analytical theories of metaphor given by Max Black and Donald Davidson. The consequence of the argumentation by Davidson is that the concept of the metaphorical meaning has to be applied to the metaphor as such, not to any particular one. In their theories, Davidson and Black are still likening the metaphor to the visual perception but this simile or rather metaphor remains unexplained. The final chapter III. presents three approaches how to deal with the visual perception metaphor in explanations of the metaphor: it can be rejected, interpreted or sublated. The last approaches are elaborated on the basis of writings by Ludwig Wittgenstein, José Ortega y Gasset and Wallace Stevens.

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