The Secret Life of Implicitation (in Translation of Fiction)



Year of publication 2010
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The paper presents observations of regularities in the use of implicitation as a translation operation/strategy by several Czech translators of literary fiction from English. The author’s research into the use of the generally less frequent counterpart of explicitation suggests that there are significant differences between the use of implicitation by individual translators, these patterns not being unrelated to other aspects of translator style. The translators whose work was analyzed tended to fall into two types: those using implicitation predominantly as a translation operation (and exhibiting an approach to translation which may be termed “translatorly“) and others, who tended to use implicitation as a strategy (and who exhibited a more “writerly“ approach to translation). The study hopes to make a contribution to our understanding of processes involved in translation, especially in the light of the fact that due to its relative scarcity, implicitation is an operation/strategy often rendered “invisible“ by other operations/strategies which attract more attention. Implications of the observed patterns of implicitation use for translator training are outlined, too.

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