Explicitly on Implicitation: Two Tendencies in the Use of Experiential Implicitation



Year of publication 2009
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The study based on empirical material from translations of modern fiction from English into Czech addresses the issue of implicitation in translation as a parameter of translator’s individual style. Although this twin concept to explicitation – which is generally easier to locate in translation corpora and has been studied widely as a potential translation universal – has tended to be rather neglected in translation studies discourse, the author’s previous research in explicitation (Kamenická 2007, Kamenická 2008), conducted on parallel corpora, suggests that the use of implicitation might be revealing about individual translator’s style. Even quantitatively speaking, a translator’s willingness or reluctance to implicitate seems to differentiate translators significantly. The proposed paper however addresses qualitative aspects of implicitation, too: different types of uses of implicitation are discussed as the translators’ potential response to con/textual factors and following this analysis, patterns of use of implicitation are traced and compared across translations by several translators of fiction and related to their (translation) style profiles. Back-translations of occurrences of implicitation into English are used.

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