Grading system at Masaryk University


Masaryk University works with a three-level study system and uses the ECTS credit system. The basic study unit is a course, which is given a certain number of credits per semester. The number of credits includes the number of hours of teaching time, as well as the student’s work, which includes homework, consultations, writing essays, etc. The recommended study plans are conceptualized so as to allow the student to complete 60 ETCS credits per academic year or 30 per semester.

ECTS, the European Credit Transfer System, was developed by the European Commission to provide common procedures to guarantee the full transferability of credits for university studies abroad in order that they might count towards a final qualification in the home country. It provides a way of measuring and comparing academic merits and transferring them from one institution to another.


The academic year at MU is made up of 2 semesters, autumn and spring. Both semesters have at least 12 teaching weeks (in the autumn semester normally from mid-September to the end of December and in the spring semester from mid-February to the end of May) and they are usually followed by a 6-week examination period.


In order to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree, it is necessary to complete 180 ECTS credits, 120 ECTS credits for the 2 year Master’s degree, and 240 ECTS credits in the 4-year doctoral degree. These credits must be earned from compulsory courses according to the study plan.

  Length of studies Title of academic achievement Amount of ECTS credits needed for completing the studies
Bachelor’s degree 3 years Bc. 180 ECTS
Master’s degree 2 years Mgr. 120 ECTS
Ph.D. degree 4 years Ph.D. 240 ECTS


Courses are divided into compulsory and optional ones. Compulsory courses constitute the core of the program. All of them must be completed in the course of the study. The number of optional courses taken must be such that the credit requirements for optional courses are fulfilled. Optional courses are courses of student's interest and can be chosen from any faculty of Masaryk University.


Each program is completed with a final state exam consisting of the two following, separately assessed parts called Master's Thesis Defence and subject Academic discussion.


There are various ways of being assessed in a course:

  • z – a credit
  • Kz – a graded credit
  • K – a colloquium
  • zk, Pzk, Sozk – an exam
  • Szk – a final state exam
  • SRzk – a postgraduate non-PhD exam
Grade classification for courses which end with an exam
Excellent A 1
Very good B 1,5
Good C 2
Satisfactory D 2,5
Sufficient E 3
Failed F 4
Grade classification for courses which end with a credit (z)
Requirements fulfilled Z
Requirements not fulfilled N

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