ISIC (Student Identity Card)

Students of full-time studies at MU are issued the International Student Identity Card (ISIC).
Part-time studies students are issued a smart card that fully replaces all functions of the ISIC within MU.

In order to obtain an ISIC/student identity card, you need to:

  1. Enroll in studies.
  2. Upload your photo in the IS (MUNI Information System) via the INET application (you will have to log in with your primary password). You will also need a scan of your ID.
  3. Order your identity card via the MU Shopping Center and pay the associated fee (180 CZK).
  4. As soon as your ISIC card is ready to be picked up in the International Relations Office (in about 2-5 business days), you will receive a message.

Order your ISIC card

In case your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, please report this in the International Relations Office. Your card will be locked in order to prevent abuse and a new one will be issued.

Student Identity Cards within MU

Your student identity card has the following functions:

  • student identification and MU affiliation
  • access to buildings and classrooms
  • access to university computer rooms
  • access to libraries and library services
  • access to copy and print services in libraries and computer rooms
  • access to catering services in university canteens.

ISIC Usage outside MU

ISIC holders are eligible for a number of student discounts outside of the university, including discounts in restaurants, cafés, bakeries, outdoor sports shops, pharmacies, optical shops, museums, galleries, bookshops, copy centers, selected driving schools, transportation providers such as Student Agency, etc. The ISIC is valid in over 100 countries worldwide and may thus be used for discounts around the globe.

A full list of student discounts is available via the ISIC website.

Revalidation sticker

An ISIC card issued by MU is only valid outside of the university until 31 December of the following year. In order to continue enjoying its benefits, it is necessary to acquire a revalidation sticker. The sticker may be ordered via the IS MU Shopping Centre. It is valid for 16 months, i.e. from 1 September to 31 December of the following year.

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