Upper Secondary School Teacher Training in Czech Language and Literature

Follow-up Master's degree in full-time form. The language of instruction is Czech.

The programme can be studied as a single subject or in combination with another programme.

What will you learn?

The programme Teaching Czech language and literature at secondary schools is aimed at graduates from the B.A. study programme Czech Language and Literature, its aim being to prepare future secondary school teachers for their profession in a versatile way. The study programme consists of two inseparable parts: from the part focused on the discipline that strengthens and develops skills in the sphere of Czech studies form the viewpoints of linguistics and literature and from the part focused on pedagogy, psychology and didactics with the focus on Czech studies, providing students with the necessary theoretical basis and developing their skills in pedagogy and didactics that give them the possibility to work effectively as secondary school teachers. Within the study programme, three study plans are offered: single-subject, major and minor.

“Language itself is the soul and culture of a nation. (K. Čapek)”

Practical training

The aim of the teaching practice is to gain and develop pedagogical and didactic competences necessary for the profession of a secondary school teacher. The teaching practice is divided into two following one-term courses. The number of credits differs in joint plans and in the single-subject plan, depending on the number of hours (joint study plans – 12 credits in total, the single-subject plan – 24 credits). The teaching practice primarily takes place at selected secondary schools. Partial components of preparatory and evaluative stages take place at the faculty, being organised in the form of groups of seminars and workshops.

Career opportunities

Graduates can find positions at secondary schools and at higher professional schools of various kinds and specializations. They are also ready to teach Czech to native as well as to non-native speakers in other institutions focused on education. Besides, they can hold numerous other positions in which abilities of creative work with texts and use of cultivated language are required.

Admission requirements

Data from the previous admission procedure (1 Jan – 30 Apr 2024)

Deadline for submitting applications: January 1 - April 30

Who the programme is intended for: The programme is intended for graduates of the same Bachelor’s degree programme the subject of which is very close to the field of Czech Language and Literature at FA MU (the similarity of the fields will be assessed based on the application). Applicants whose mother tongue is not Czech are expected to have knowledge of the Czech language at least at the C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Subject matter of the entrance examination: The entrance examination is only given in written form. Knowledge in the scope of topic areas for the Bachelor’s state examination of the Czech Language and Literature programme is required (see the websites of Department of Czech Language and Department of Czech Language and Literature FA MU). The written examination takes 60 minutes.

We recommend to those interested in Master’s studies to acquire knowledge in the scope of requirements for the Bachelor’s state examination in Czech Language and Literature at FA MU, as the Master’s studies follow it. Any differences between the Czech Language and Literature Bachelor’s degree programme at FA MU and similar study programmes at other universities will be complemented by the students themselves during the Master’s studies (those interested will be allowed to participate in relevant Bachelor’s courses, including consultations with teachers).

Waiver of the entrance examination: The entrance examination will be waived for applicants who have passed the Bachelor’s examination in the field/programme of Czech Language and Literature at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University with an excellent (A), very good (B), or good (C) result (graduates of the secondary plan may apply for a waiver of the entrance exam if they pass the state final exam in Czech language and literature in the same A-C interval). No more than a year (two semesters) may have passed since the completion of the applicant’s Bachelor’s studies. Applicants can ask for a waiver for the entrance examination via the e-application form, section "Application for waiver of the entrance examination".

Web Department of Czech Language.

Web Department of Czech Literature.

General information on the course of the admission procedure to the follow-up Master’s degree programmes at FA MU can be found here. Documents for the current admission procedure are kept in Materials for Applicants.

Criteria for evaluation

Pass/fail line of the entrance examination: 45 points (out of 100).

Minimum score and numbers of accepted applicants in past years

Study options

Single-subject studies

Students have a pre-defined list of required courses, which are supplemented with selective and elective courses. The student pays full attention to the single field of study chosen.

Combined studies

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Science

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Arts

Courses – curriculum examples

An example of your study plan:

Single-subject studies

Combined studies

Combinations with programmes from Faculty of Arts

Follow-up studies

Graduates from this study programme are able to continue in philological Ph.D. study programmes.

Study information

Provided by Faculty of Arts
Type of studies Follow-up master's
Mode full-time Yes
combined No
distance No
Study options single-subject studies Yes
single-subject studies with specialization No
major/minor studies Yes
Standard length of studies 2 years
Language of instruction Czech

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