New guidelines for managing social networks

It follows Faculty of Arts MU Directive No. 2/2022 on methods and principles of internal and external communication. It specifies, for example, the creation of new profiles and also defines content and security rules. It also introduces the Ten rules of social networks.

4 Jun 2024

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The guidelines for managing social networks of the Faculty of Arts MU will help to manage the profiles of faculty departments or their smaller units (such as unofficial departments or sub-departments, disciplinary groups or research teams). They will learn, for example, which social networks make sense to operate on, how to approach content or what to watch out for from a security point of view. It also specifies paid promotion, the use of AI or influencer marketing.

Ten rules of social networks

  1. No activity on social networks may jeopardize the reputation of the Faculty of Arts MU or the dignity of employees and students.
  2. The principles of polite communication are strictly observed – profanity is entirely unacceptable. Similarly, calls to violence, labelling, or trolling are unacceptable.
  3. Hiding or deleting negative comments is the last step – discussion and relevant arguments should be prioritized first.
  4. Use of any text, photos, videos, or music is subject to appropriate copyright settlement.
  5. The facts must always be strictly respected – lying is forbidden. If we make a mistake, we will not hesitate to admit it and apologize.
  6. Internal disputes do not belong on the networks under any circumstances – disagreements must always be resolved privately.
  7. If the post is about the entire faculty community, we tag faculty-wide profiles – this can ensure a higher reach (e.g., more people will attend the event).
  8. Contribute reasonably often – we emphasize quality over quantity, consistency, and long-term sustainability.
  9. We present ourselves naturally – we tailor our communication style to the target audience. But remember that as a public institution, we contribute to language cultivation.
  10. Two-step verification must always be used – this must also be required of all persons with access to profiles.


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