We are opening Faculty inspiratorium

Do you want to get to know more about the faculty's academic community and make new contacts? Are you interested in what colleagues from other departments are currently working on, or would you like to present your projects? Or do you just want to spend a pleasant morning in the company of people with something to say? The new discussion platform is being created under the auspices of Irena Radová, Dean of the Faculty of Arts MU.

1 Mar 2023

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"Our faculty hides many treasures, inspiring people who can enrich others. Therefore, we would like to create regular opportunities to meet each other," Radová explained the primary goal of the new discussion platform. She believes that a new tradition is being created at FF MU. "The meetings will be held every second Friday morning of the month and introduce researchers from all areas of education that we care for," she added.

The first roughly one-hour meeting will occur on March 10 at 9:00 a.m. in room C.218. It will open by Pavel Caha from the Department of Czech Language at the Faculty of Arts MU, who will present the work of Brno nano syntacticians. "Our goal is to find out what the basic building blocks of language are and how they combine," Caha explained.

Behind the atoms of the tongue
Pavel Caha

The results of current syntactic research lead to the conclusion that the basic building blocks of languages are much smaller than any directly observable units of concrete languages (words or morphemes). They are abstract linguistic meanings that are shared by different languages. On the basis of these insights, we seek to construct a model of a single common human language, a "language of thought," with individual concrete languages differing from each other only in how they reflect (externalize) this common internal language.

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