31 student seats | movable furniture

projection and sound | laptop connection (VGA, HDMI) | Apple TV | recording and streaming

Reservation restrictions: the room is used by the Department of Educational Sciences. For more information, contact the secretariat of the department.

Brief description

Basic information

C43 is a large seminar room situated on the fourth floor of Building C.

Large seminar rooms with their equipment are similar to lecture rooms, while retaining their basic support for teaching based on mutual interaction and cooperation between students and teachers and students in groups.

Chairs and desks are equipped with wheels, so they can be moved easily and quickly, and the lecture room layout can be adapted to different types of teaching.

Projection possibilities

There is a very short projection distance projector available for projecting multimedia content, allowing you to move close to the screen without being blinded by the projector or overshadowing the image.

You can present images and sound from a PC located on the desk and also from your own laptop connected via the HDMI or VGA connector. Connecting cables and electrical sockets are located under the metal cover at the top of the desk.

The lecture room also allows wireless presentation of image and sound from your own Apple device (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) by connecting to Apple TV via AirPlay. You can present an image from your device without being tethered to one place in the room, and you can have your students make presentations as well.

Recording of lectures

In the lecture room, you can use the lecture recording device, which allows you to easily record your lecture. To make a recording, log in to the PC and press the Record button on the control panel – pressing the button again will end the recording.
The recording contains both the image from the camera in the room and the image projected through projector. You can pre-check it using the Stream Preview icon on the PC desktop.
You can find the finished recording in your personal category in the Faculty Media Library, you will also be informed via e-mail about the processing of the recording.

For sufficient sound quality, it is advisable to use a lapel microphone located in the desk. Open the desk cabinet by attaching the chip card to the sensor on the left side of the cabinet. The microphone activates automatically when you pull it out of the charging station, you can switch it off by putting it in the charging station again.

The recording camera and wireless microphones can also be used in video conferencing applications, for example for hybrid teaching purposes. Follow the printed instructions in the room to set up the device correctly in the video conferencing application.

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