We Share a Love of Knowledge


The Czech name of the Faculty of Arts, Filozofická fakulta, is derived from the Greek verb ‘filein(love, long for something) and the noun ‘sofia(wisdom, knowledge), thus, it means to love wisdom or knowledge.

We teach to think critically

The Faculty of Arts is connected with the philosophy professor Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk (after whom the whole university is named) in its emphasis on the development of critical thinking and science. Critical thinking is a necessary skill in order to not to be subjected to manipulations of any kind. We differentiate between the knowledge of the political and cultural history of humankind from prehistory to the present, and we consider issues related to humanism and the creative activity of different cultures.

We develop information literacy

The current world is sometimes characterized as a society overwhelmed by information. While in the past, the ability to read and write was sufficient, now it is necessary to integrate information into context, to verify the credibility of sources, and to distinguish different meaningful layers in messages that we often carelessly consume.

When working with information, it is necessary to have good quality facilities, such as a library. The Central Library at the Faculty of Arts lends books and also provides a number of educational programs focused on information literacy. Our students, academics, and graduates have free access to databases that contain a great number of books and magazines.

There are also a wide range of specialized libraries, such as the Library TGM and the unique Hanse Belting Library, not only for those interested in the history of art.

“I liked Brno because I got to the books.”

Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk

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