My name is Anna Šilhanová and I am currently studying the second year of Norwegian Language and Literature. I was always very interested in human fates in times of injustice, whether under Nazi rule or under communist dictatorships. Perhaps because there was no space left for them in history lessons. Big names sounded, and so far I thought of the thousands of "ordinary" people whose names were not spoken out loud. I think that the individual human stories are often the most interesting and valuable things history can give us - and that was also my main motivation for participating in the project.

I decided to map the fate of one of Nansenhjelpen's members, Sigrid Helliesen Lund. Although Nansenhjelpen represents an important link between Czech (or Czechoslovak) and Norwegian history, there is practically no awareness of it in our country. Sigrid Helliesen Lund was one of the most prominent figures of Nansenhjelpen, who personally participated in the movement of a group of Jewish children from occupied Czechoslovakia to Norway. I would like to acquaint the public with  this remarkable woman who did not hesitate to risk her own life to help other people.

I believe that working on the project will allow me to improve my language skills, learn something new about history and will also be an opportunity for interesting meetings and conversations.

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