On Monday, April 25, the Academic Senate will meet

18 Apr 2022

Programme of the AS FF meeting on 25 April 2022 at 4 PM

Venue: Meeting room of the Dean's Office

Excused: Roman Novotný

1. Approval of the proposal of the MU Faculty of Arts Scientific Board for the years 2022-2026

Dean of FF MU doc. Irena Radová requests approval of the proposal for a new Scientific Board for the duration of her term of office. The proposal will be justified by: the Dean, Vice-Dean Knoz.


Vote and resolution

2. FF MU budget

The FF MU management submits the macro tables of the faculty budget for discussion. The FF MU AS EC discussed the materials per rollam and agreed to recommend them to the Senate for approval.

The budget will be justified by FF MU Dean I. Radová, FF MU Secretary I. Jurtík and the chairman of the FF MU AS Economic Committee D. Zbíral.


Vote and resolution

The Chair of the FF MU EC also requested that the methodology for allocating funds to the departments be submitted for consideration by the Senate, but this will not be submitted until the next meeting, given the timetable for the preparation of the university-wide budget.

3. Consideration of the request for extension of the authorisation to implement study programmes

  1. Norwegian language, literature and culture (Bachelor's degree programme)
  2. Nordic Studies (follow-up Master's degree programme)
  3. Teaching German Language and Literature for Secondary Schools (follow-up Master's degree programme)

The applications will be presented by the guarantors of the programmes. PhDr. Miluše Juříčková, CSc., doc. Mgr. Sylvie Stanovská, Dr.


Voting and resolution

4. Conditions of admission to study at the MU Faculty of Arts related to the upcoming extraordinary admission procedure, which will be launched by the entire MU on 15 April 2022

The proposal is presented and introduced by the Vice-Dean Zdenka Jastrzembská.


MU will open an extraordinary admissions procedure exclusively for persons who meet the conditions of the so-called Lex Ukraine, i.e. are subject to temporary protection in the meaning of Act No. 65/2022 Coll. The collection of applications will take place between 15 April and 31 May 2022. Applicants will apply for studies at the MU Faculty of Arts, not for individual programmes. The applications will be assessed by the supervisor (or a committee appointed by him/her) of the programme in which the applicant is interested in the basis of the documents provided (mainly the completed motivation form). On this basis, they will then recommend or not recommend the applicant's admission. The sponsor (or committee) may request a personal interview with the applicant before deciding. Each applicant will also be enrolled in an intensive Czech language course organised by the MU Language Learning Centre, which will run until August 2022. The programme guarantors will be informed of further details.


Resolution and vote

5. Proposal for the establishment of the AS FF MU Science Committee

Doc. David Zbíral submits a proposal to establish the AS FF MU Science Committee.


The AS FF MU does not yet have a committee that would deal with the direction of the faculty in the field of science and research. This is an important component of the life of the Faculty, its long-term plan, its reputation and its budget, which needs to be monitored and covered from the perspective of the Senate.

The proposed composition of the committee (candidates have agreed to the nomination):

  1. Prof. Ivan Foletti, MA, Docteur ès Lettres
  2. Mgr. et Mgr. Eva Kundtová Klocová, Ph.D.
  3. Mgr. Jiří Macháček, Ph.D.
  4. doc. Mgr. Petra Mutlová, M.A., Ph.D.
  5. prof. Mgr. Klára Šeďová, Ph.D.
  6. doc. PhDr. David Zbíral, Ph.D.


Voting and resolution

6. Report of the ad hoc committee on the case of Mgr. Horský

The report is presented by the chairman of the ad hoc committee, dr. Stanislav Bárta.

Discussion and possible draft resolution

7. Discussion and approval of the new Disciplinary Regulations

At the last meeting, Vice-Dean Šaur asked the Senate to discuss and approve the new Disciplinary Regulations. The documents were reviewed by the AS FF MU Legislative Committee and it decided to propose the submitted Disciplinary Regulations for consideration by the Senate in a slightly amended form: one wording was added. It is desirable to comment on the MU Disciplinary Regulations.

Jakub Zikmund, Chairman of the AS FF MU Legislative Committee, will give his reasons.


Resolution and vote

8. Report of the Administrative Committee on the meeting regarding the "Familiarisation with HR Award Regulations"

The chair of the committee Dagmar Pichová will inform.


Resolution and vote

9. Miscellaneous

A. Opinion of the AS FF MU on the reduction of funds from the PPSŘ or IRP for the Support of Internationalization by the MU Rector's Office


Brno, 18 April 2022

doc. PhDr. Václav Štěpánek, Ph.D.
Chairman of the AS FF MU

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