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Electronic datbases for studying and research of Greek and Latin authors and texts from antiquity, middle ages and the early modern period

Project Identification
Project Period
3/2004 - 12/2008
Investor / Pogramme / Project type
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the CR
MU Faculty or unit
Faculty of Arts
Latin;Greek;Database;Electronic;Ultranet;Antiquity;Medievalistic;Language;Literature;Codices;Middle Ages;Humanities;Early Modern Period;Culture;Tradition;Philosophy;Theology;History of Church;
Cooperating Organization
Institute for Classical Studies of the ASCR
National Library of the CR
Charles University

The aim of the project is to assemble the most complete collection of electronic texts, database and subsidiary materials (lexicons,vocabularies,concordances) for studying the Latin and Greek texts from Antiquity, Middle Ages and the Early Modern Periodon on the server of MU and to make them available, according to the conditions of the licence, to all scholars specialized in Classical Philology and in related disciplines like Latin Medievalistic, Theology, Philosophy, History of Church, and in other philological, philosophical and arthistorical fields. The project takes up the proj. MŠMT LI 200031, the completion of which, has been successfully defended twice, moved the research and made the standard of research in these fields in CR compatible with that in Western Europe. An integral part of the project is the work of the coordinating and consulting grant centre of the electronic databases at MU at the Institute of Classical Studies (Faculty of Arts).


Total number of publications: 65

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