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Mapping the community dynamics of Anabaptist population in Moravia in the 16th and 17th centuries

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3/2023 - 12/2027
Investor / Pogramme / Project type
Ministry of Culture of the CR
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Faculty of Science
Other MU Faculty/Unit
Faculty of Arts

The aim of this project is to map the dynamics of the Anabaptist settlement in Moravia in the 16th and 17th centuries. The Anabaptists came from German-speaking regions and formed a culturally and ethnically distinct minority that made significant contributions to the history of Moravia. Although this community is no longer present in in our territory, the influence of Anabaptist activity in Moravia is re-emerging, particularly in villages with a well-developed tradition of winemaking. The aim of this project is to make detailed information about the activities of this community in Moravia available to the general public in a broad historical and social context.
The project will enable the creation of an open database and an interactive map of Anabaptist settlements in Moravia. Through this database, it will be possible to systematize the existing knowledge about particular Anabaptist settlements and to analyze the interrelationships between settlements, as well as to trace the interconnections of religious, economic and biological conditions. The database will contain information about settlement topography, chronology, size, their economic orientation and the religious confession that shaped the rules of their coexistence. The database will also make it possible to record and associate anthropological research findings with the origins of the Anabaptists. The interactive map will allow the display of entered data in a spatio-temporal model of the Anabaptist settlements and will include a number of additional elements such as visualizations of selected objects and findings.
Through the use of multivariate statistical analyses, relationships between data from written sources and those generated through scientific methods will enable complex reconstructions of the dynamics of the Anabaptist settlements in Moravia and interactions with surrounding countries.


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