Vystěhovalectví do Ameriky a kulturní paměť (na příkladu moravské zpěvní tradice)

Title in English Emigration to America and Cultural Memory (Based on an Example of Moravian Singing Tradition)


Year of publication 2014
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Od folkloru k world music: Svět v nás, my ve světě
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Field Archaeology, anthropology, ethnology
Keywords Migration; emigration to America (USA); folk song; propaganda; Moravian folklore; Slovak folklore
Description A reflection of emigration in the Czech singing tradition has not been properly explored by Czech folkloristics so far. Based on preliminary studies, it can be specified that the songs which are connected with emigration represent a closed stage of a development in one of the final song layers. There, a process of folklorization (popularization) did not develop evenly, neither in the acceptance of songs in specific regions, nor in view of the form, with regard to both lyrics and tune. There are frequent contaminations (fusions) with other traditional songs or with broadside ballads; some of them reflect the propaganda of the period promoting emigration. Some songs reflect an artificial, nationally oriented poetry, and, to a small extent, there are also borrowings from English or American English mixed with Czech. As to the topics, they often include longing for home, suffering during an overseas journey, the social reality of living in America, or separation of lovers or husbands and wives, including its results, such as infidelity. Based on our findings so far, the majority of songs on emigration reflect mostly the experience of migrants who were departing alone and spent a long time overseas. The songs often reflect their stories, and even more frequently the stories of those who were left behind, waiting at home.
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