Výběrová bibliografie prací k pronikání římského práva v Čechách a na Moravě do roku 1620

Title in English Selected bibliography of works about infiltration of Roman law in Bohemia and Moravia until 1620


Year of publication 2015
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The aim of this bibliography is to present a selection of works that reflect the issue of the influences of Roman law in the domestic environment of the Czech lands. The bibliography is focused on the period of middle age and early modern era (year of 1620). The authoress categorized each selected work into six thematic chapters. The first chapter contains special bibliographies and reports of research. Attention was also paid to biographical contributions and personal bibliographies of selected legal historians. The second chapter is devoted to various works that primarily deal with influence of Roman law and Romano-canonical procedure in Czech legal history. The following chapter focuses on elements of Roman law in Czech legal culture, jurisprudence and education. The content of the fourth chapter are works primarily and secondarily aimed on influences of Roman law in Czech legal institutes. The penultimed chapter contains codicology works and studies focused on Roman law in domestic documentary practice. The last chapter is most extensive and presents basic works and editions of Czech legal monuments, where the influences of Roman law were found.

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