Strusky po tavbě polymetalických rud z lokality Čejkov-Trsov (pelhřimovský rudní revír)

Title in English Slags after smelting of polymetallic ores from the locality Čejkov-Trsov (Pelhřimov Ore District)


Year of publication 2015
Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Geologické výzkumy na Moravě a ve Slezsku
Keywords Pelhřimov Ore District, polymetallic ores, slags, heavy metals
Description Slags after smelting of polymetallic ores occur at the locality Čejkov-Trsov which represents medieval smelting site and lies approximately 1 030 m SE from the center of the Čejkov village. Bulk chemical analyses show that studied slags are dominated by SiO2-FeO-Al2O3 (sum of the three components is 75.27–88.81 wt. %). Unusual are high barium (up to 9.2 wt. % of Ba) and lead contents (up to 15.0 wt. % of Pb) as well as low zinc contents (230–3780 ppm). All samples except one are generally CaO poor (an exception is sample CT4 containing 6.03 wt. % CaO) which probably reflect lack of CaO – based additives. Light microscopy and EDS analyses on an electron microprobe proved following phases: spinelides, olivine, feldspars, pyroxene, glass and quartz.

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