Staročeské nekrology a jejich význam pro poznání nejstaršího období češtiny

Title in English Old Czech obituaries and their significance for knowledge of the oldest period of Czech


Year of publication 2016
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description The oldest Czech obituaries, i.e. records of names of deceased members or donors of monasteries recorded in calendars on the day of their death or on its anniversaries, belong to significant sources of the oldest historically recorded words in the form of anthroponyms. These anthroponyms provide a unique source of information about Czech during the particular period: about its graphemics, partly also about its phonology, morphology - including word-formation – and syntax. The most significant source is Nekrolog podlažický (Obituary of Podlažice), which moreover provides important information about informal naming usage: about types of informal naming and about the naming system (one-element naming system as a rule in obituaries).
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