The Spatiality and Situatedness of Discoursivity of Existence



Year of publication 2017
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Arts

Description Human existence exists its existence in setting, where its character is being constantly influenced by predominant discourse. Discourse directly enters in process of articulation, through which understanding is being constructed. And because discourse is also one of the consequences of apllied understanding through existing, it can be said, that discourse constructs discourse. But, in existential character of existence is something much more deeper, and therefore much more influential than any discourse can ever be. Although only implicitly inherent, phenomenon of discoursivity of existence can be seen as necessary step in construction of any discourse. Human existence exists its existence through articulation of understanding its own existing. Discourse, understanded as chosen understanding of existing, is an area, where a specific way of existing is allowed. In such area, specific way of situatedness of existence can be found. But, thanks to spatiality as one of the existential characters of existence, every situation can be overturn. The aim of our presentation lies in an attempt for interpreting the discoursivity of existence in its relation to spatiality and situatedness. And because for discourse are some forms of space and situation needed, we are going to show, how discoursivity "exists" in spatiality and situatedness of existence. This will be done in respect to analysis by Foucault and Hejdánek, who tried to use non-objectifying approaches for making explicit construction of understanding and its relation to existing.
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