Vztah rodičovského motivačního klima a syndromu přetrénování u vrcholových sportovců v adolescenci

Title in English Relationship between parent-initiated motivational climate and overtraining syndrome in adolescent elite athletes


Year of publication 2017
Type Appeared in Conference without Proceedings
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Faculty of Arts

Description Parents, through parent –initiated motivational climate, effects their children´s attitudes, behavior and affectivity to many different activities, including sports. Achievement goal theory describes two types of parent-initiated motivational climate – performance and mastery, which impact young elite athlete differently. Therefore, parents may help to cope with stress or they may be a source of stress and play important role in development of maladaptation. The primary aim was to map the relationship between parent-initiated motivational climate and overtraining in young elite athletes (N=424, M=15,43 let, SD=2,15), to assess gender differences in perception of motivational climate and differences in perception of climate while taking into account the level of overtraining. Parent-Initiated Motivational climate questionnaire was used to assess the nature of motivational climate and Profile of Mood States questionnaire was used to indicate overtraining. General results showed that young elite athletes perceive mastery motivational climate more often and father-initiated motivational climate seems to be more influential. Results suggest a significant relationship between parent-initiated motivational climate and the difference in perception of motivational climate based on the level of overtraining, while stronger relationship has been found between father initiated climate and all dimensions of POMS and also for the composite score of TMD. Results will be discussed in detail during the symposium, including their practical application in form of preventive programs and education families and trainers of elite athletes and athletes themselves.
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