Believe It or Not : Dogen on the Question of Faith



Type Article in Periodical
Magazine / Source Studia Orientalia Slovaca
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Faculty of Arts

Web Anglické abstrakty k Studia Orientalia Slovaca 17.2 (2018)
Keywords Dogen; Shobo genzo; zazen; shikan taza; meditation; faith; devotion; Buddhist practice; Bendowa
Description Dogen, founder of the Japanese Soto Zen school, is remembered mostly as an ardent proponent of sitting meditation, the famed shikan taza. Yet despite his undeniable support to meditation practices, he was also a Buddhist monk and teacher, who transmitted to his disciples a more coherent notion of Zen Buddhism including aspects of faith and devotion. By means of surveying Dogen’s own texts in the Shobo genzo, Treasury of the True Dharma Eye, the aim of this paper is to shed light on his views on both sitting meditation, zazen, and the importance of devotional practices noted therein.
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