Historický pohled na století života Masarykovy univerzity. Katalog k výstavě MUNI 100

Title in English A historical perspective of the centennial existence of Masaryk University. A Catalogue to the MUNI 100 Exhibition


Year of publication 2019
Description The publication is a retrospection of the centennial existence of Masaryk University in Brno and a supplement to the MUNI100 exhibition. The exhibition maps the three main aspects of the university’s development. First, it recapitulates the school’s history in the context of changes to the global universitas, second, it follows the dominant trends of Czech or Czechoslovak tertiary education throughout the century, and third, it denotes the particular nature of the Brno university. The exhibition also reflects the transformation of Czech academic tradition, which was initially shaped by Austro-German influences, followed by Soviet models midway through the century, and most recently, the American approach. It provides a concise summary of the first one hundred years of Masaryk University.